Meet The Coaches

Say “Hello” to our passionate team of kickboxing and personal training experts, dedicated to guiding you on your journey to fitness success.

With a blend of expertise in kickboxing techniques and personalized training approaches, our coaches are committed to empowering you to achieve your health and wellness goals.


Our approach involves working closely with you to create a health plan that is uniquely yours.


Our approach involves working closely with you to create a health plan that is uniquely yours.


A gathering of like-minded souls, our community is here to support and uplift you on your journey.


Owner/Health Coach/Personal Trainer

Meet Amanda, your compassionate coach with nearly a decade of experience in kickboxing instruction and coaching.

Through her previous challenges with obesity and health, Amanda understands that the journey to well-being is filled with ups and downs.

Today, Amanda holds certification in personal training, kickboxing instruction, nutrition, and online coaching.

However, she’s not just a coach. She’s someone who’s been through her own weight loss journey and faced setbacks, bringing empathy and relatability to her approach.

Amanda believes in the power of small, achievable steps she draws from her personal experiences of defeating her own health challenges.

She’s open about her ongoing journey, creating a safe and understanding space for her clients.

With a genuine passion for helping others reach their potential, Amanda’s coaching style is rooted in encouragement, authenticity, and a deep understanding of the human experience.

Whether you’re starting out or seeking a fresh start, Amanda is here to guide you with kindness and support.


Certified Boxing & Kickboxing Coach

Meet Jessica, your badass coach with a wealth of experience in the ring.

As a certified boxing coach, kickboxing instructor, and personal trainer, she doesn’t just talk the talk—she’s been in the trenches, honing her skills and mastering the art of combat.

Jessica’s coaching style is a fierce blend of discipline and empowerment that has been forged in the crucible of her own journey.

She’s battled through setbacks and knows what it takes to emerge stronger on the other side.

Whether you’re lacing up gloves for the first time or looking to elevate your game, Jessica’s got the expertise and grit to guide you.

With an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and unlocking your full potential, Jessica is not just a coach; she’s a force to be reckoned with as she walks beside you on your path to greatness.


Health Coach/Personal Trainer

Meet Emily, your empowering coach bringing a touch of feminine energy to the fitness world.

As a dedicated personal trainer with three years of experience, Emily infuses her training with a unique blend of strength and grace.

Her journey has taken her beyond the gym, with three trips to Thailand to immerse herself in the art of Muay Thai and the combat sport of kickboxing.

Emily’s coaching style is a celebration of both physical and mental strength, cultivated through her own experiences of mental health issues, training and self-discovery.

She understands the transformative power of embracing femininity in fitness and is here to guide you on a journey of self-empowerment.

Whether you’re stepping into the world of training for the first time or seeking to enhance your skills, Emily’s expertise and global perspective make her the perfect coach to elevate your fitness journey with a touch of elegance and resilience.



Amanda and Jess are awesome coaches who help me grind through some tough kickboxing workouts. No matter how tired I feel going into class, I always leave feeling confident and motivated!

Kathleen B.

You will not find a more invested coach and friend—someone who caters to and accommodates each person individually. She is truly passionate about what she does, and it shows through her work and dedication. I look forward to every session and have been attending for over 4 years now. I am proud of the goals I have achieved, both mentally and physically, and I thank Amanda for her encouragement and knowledge.

Cortney R.

I’ve been going to Amanda’s women’s only kick boxing class for about 6 months now and I LOVE it. When I went in there for the first time I was nervous, this was the first time I was ever stepping into a gym/studio or taking a class of any sort, I didn’t know what to expect but almost immediately the anxiety left and I felt comfortable. Amanda is an amazing coach and human. She’s a huge part of the reason I stuck with it. The workouts are great, the classes are fun, and it’s so nice to be in a room full of women cheering each other on. Highly recommend checking it out!

Mallory F.

I started taking my daughter to kickboxing classes in Saint John as a way to help her deal with stress and trauma. Amanda has been absolutely amazing with her and for the first time (I think ever) my daughter has found an activity she looks forward to participating in. What was supposed to be a once a week commitment has turned into twice a week – and what has become extremely beneficial for her has been beneficial for me as well. Even if you don’t know anything about kickboxing, or haven’t broken a sweat in an embarassingly long time (I’m speaking from experience), I highly recommend KickBasics for your physical and emotional health.

Chelsy T.